How To Boost Employee Engagement During Labor Shortage

To boost employee engagement means to maximize the presence and potential of a workforce. It is why every company desires maximum engagement of its employees. Nonetheless, the world, after experiencing a pandemic, is now witnessing a time of great resignation.

At this time, where employees around the world are resigning from their jobs more than ever, the organizations globally are being tested with a dilemma: whether they should enforce policies for maximum employee engagement or accept whatever levels of engagement of their employees so as not to face a labor shortage.

To boost employee engagement, a company may require to be strict in its employee engagement policy. It may, however, lead to more employees resigning from their positions because of the demand to be more productive. Nevertheless, you can boost employee engagement and keep employees retained at the same time with some ingenious ways that this article discusses below.

What is the best way to minimize the shortage of labor in an organization?

best way to minimize the shortage of labor in an organization

These are testing times for any organization in terms of employee retention and thus the shortage of labor. But it can be minimized using Bravo, which is employee performance and rewards/ recognition app.

Bravo lets you reward and acknowledge your employees for their hard work, which in turn helps boost employee engagement and performance. Importantly, it results in a decreased level of labor shortage for an organization.

How do you increase employee engagement?

Supporting the employees who are parent

Supporting the employees who are parents

Your employees who are parents are more likely to show increased levels of engagement than the ones who are not. Of course, being a parent comes with a lot of responsibilities, and financially supporting your family is one of them. Thus, employees who are fathers or mothers tend to be more dedicated to their work.

With that in mind, when you make and implement such policies that suit an employee, who’s also a parent, you can expect an even elevated level of engagement from them.

When companies provide their help in supporting the family (the children) of an employee, it earns them their loyalty. The reason is simple and natural: employees are likely to work more for an organization that helps in the financial stability of their families.

Paid leave for employees

Another way a company can boost employee engagement is by taking care of its employees when they become parents. In this regard, an organization can provide its employees with paid maternity and paternity leave.

While the concept of paid maternity leave no longer remains new, the concept of paid paternity leave still remains alien to many companies. It is because of the belief that since only a mother goes through the process of giving birth, the paid paternity leave for a father makes no sense, which is, however, not entirely true.

It is a fact that only a mother is involved in the child’s birth. However, many companies remain ignorant of the reality that after a child has been born, the baby and mother both require extensive care for the following weeks.

It adds to the responsibility of a male employee (in their private life) to look after their newborn baby and its mother at least for the first few weeks. Thus, paid leave for male employees, when they become fathers, is also important as the paid leave for the female employees when they become mothers.

With a company providing its male employees with paternity leave, they no longer remain in fear of wage cuts/ losses and financial instability. And it goes without saying that when your employees can take care of their newborn child with their jobs being secured, it makes them more productive and engaging after welcoming the baby and coming back to work.

Using Employee engagement platforms

Using Employee engagement platforms

One of the best ways to boost employee engagement is using an online tool/ platform for the same purpose.

Today, many companies are making use of such online apps that help them boost the performance levels of their employees. And Bravo is one such example.

Bravo helps you boost the productivity levels of your employees by making them focused, dedicated, and motivated towards their work. It comes with such functionality that empowers an organization to make the most of its workforce.

Bravo also allows you to reward your employees for their good work, which makes employee recognition rather efficient. Thus, with a productive and timely acknowledgment, a company experiences enhanced levels of employee productivity,

The functionality of Bravo that makes employees work with their true potential and its features that enable efficient employee recognition leads to an elevated level of employee engagement.


There is no doubt that companies around the world are facing a labor shortage due to an unprecedented number of resignations from their workers. However, at the same time, boosting employee engagement is also necessary, which puts them in a tight spot.

While demanding more productivity from the employees may further the number of resignations, there exist few approaches that can help you boost employee engagement without having to lose employees.

The first thing to do is to use an online employee engagement tool, such as Bravo. Secondly, you can provide benefits to your employees who are parents, since they tend to be more productive due to their responsibility to provide well-being and financial security to their families. Thus, caring for such employees makes them even more productive and engaging.

Last but not least, a company should understand that along with providing paid maternity leave, paternal leave is also inevitable. Therefore, providing employees paid leave on the birth of an employee’s newborn child can also boost employee engagement.

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