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Being an employee engagement expert means that you carry specific characteristics. Continue reading to find out our 9 signs that you are an employee engagement expert. How many of those do you have?

1. You inspire those around you

The biggest sign that you are an employee engagement expert is that you inspire those around you. You bring a certain positive energy to the workplace which is contagious! You motivate your colleagues to do better and to try harder.

2. You are organized

Being an employee engagement expert means that you are organized and diligent. You tend to make plans and follow through on them.

3. You are flexible

Working with people and trying to engage employees requires flexibility. Therefore, you are open to different opinions and suggestions for change.

4. You are a people’s person

What we have witnessed with the majority of employee engagement experts is that they are people’s persons. They are outgoing and friendly and proficient at communicating with others. Furthermore, employees engagement experts enjoy building connections with other people and understanding what makes them tick.

5. You are a good listener

You are not only good at talking with people but also listening to them. You are actively listening when others share their problems because you know often employees just need to vent and feel heard.

6. You have a good work-life balance

As an employee engagement expert you know the value of a good work-life balance. Furthermore, you advocate for work-life balance for your colleagues and work hard to bring awareness and prevent burnout in your company.

7. You are approachable

Colleagues and employees approach you all the time to ask for advice or recommendations. Your friendly demeanour puts everyone at ease, even when it comes to difficult topics. In this way, you build trust and respect with those around you.

8. You take the lead

Whether it is a new rewards program you want to implement or organizing a team event, you take the lead. Everybody knows you as being very proactive and curious about new activities!

9. You don’t let stress get to you

Similarly to any other industry, employee engagement is often associated with some degree of stress. Reasons for it could include resistance from upper management to implement the program, difficulties procuring funding, deadlines, etc. However, as an expert, you can’t let this get to you! You know proper stress management and you rarely feel overwhelmed or anxious.

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